• Many businesses already advertise with community organisations...

    We're not suggesting that businesses stop advertising on behalf of community organisations. What Halo™Biz offers is an alternative way of doing this and one that promotes both the businesses and community organisations to much larger, receptive, audiences.

    In addition, both parties will also get to benefit from the exclusive marketing, PR and halo-polishing campaigns that Halo™Biz undertakes for all of its Network Members.


  • Why do community organisations include the Halo™Biz logo on their stationery & marketing material?

    As you'll have already appreciated, Halo™Biz is changing the way online directories do business.

    Displaying the Halo™Biz logo on stationery, etc, lets the community-at-large – you - know who the registered members of the Halo™Biz Network are.

    Displaying the Halo™Biz logo, means the public can more easily identify Members of the Network.

  • When do you forward the 70% of the advertising fees onto the recipients?

    End-of-month accounts are finalised and all payments are posted out (or direct credited) to community organisations in the first 10 days of each calendar month.

    At the same time, statements are emailed to all relevant advertisers confirming their nominated community organisation has received its share of their advertising fee.

  • How can we be assured each Community Organisation will receive its promised "donation"?

    This is a very good question and we've tried to make Halo™Biz be as transparent (to both the Advertising Businesses and Community Organisations) as possible when it comes to forwarding Advertising Businesses' contributions.

    As previously stated, after month-end accounts have been processed all Community Organisation payments are made within the first 10 days of each new month. Each Community Organisation receives a statement detailing exactly how the credit to their bank balance is made up (ie, from which Advertising Businesses). At the same time, each new Advertising Business will receive an email statement confirming their nominated Community Organisation has received the relevant % of its advertising fee.

  • Is it possible for Community Organisations to "earn" more than 70% from the businesses who support them?

    Yes! Absolutely! Community Organisations can earn more than 70%.

    Please email us and we'll let you know how much extra you can earn and how you can do it.

  • How can Halo™Biz afford to pass on at least 70% of advertising fees when no one else does?

    This is a question we hear a lot. Obviously, we can't speak for other business directories, only Halo™Biz.

    We are a small, family run business focussed on keeping our overheads low. For example we don't use fancy expensive marketing campaigns, we don't have expensive inner city offices. We will not be producing expensive printed directories that are out of date the day they are printed.

    This allows Halo™Biz to achieve the aims of connecting the local community, allowing a practical way for businesses to support local organisations and receive the public recognition they deserve and in turn, provides a means for community organisations to provide appropriate recognition for their supporters.

  • Is Halo™Biz a registered Charitable Trust?

    No. We're not registered as a Charitable Trust. However, all Halo™Biz Network Members can still claim their membership as a 100% deductible business expense: under the headings of "advertising" or "marketing". We recommend you speak with your financial adviser to determine which category best suits your accounting system.

  • My contact details have changed. How can I update my online business listing?

    We can change those for you. Please either send us an email ([email protected]) or fax us (0-7-854-7499) with your changes and we'll take care of them for you.

  • How do I nominate an organisation or business to be listed on Halo™Biz?

    Thank you – we really appreciate people spreading the Halo™Biz word and who can see the benefits of becoming a member of the Halo™Biz Network.

    To nominate an organisation, please click the "contact" tab at the top of the screen. You can email us that way. Please remember that the more information you give us (eg, best person to contact in your nominated organisation, phone numbers, address, etc) the faster we can make contact with them for you.

    Alternatively, if email isn't really your thing, you can fax us at 07-854-9411 and send us the information that way. Whichever way you choose, we look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  • How do I renew my Halo™Biz Listing?

    That's real easy – prior to your membership expiring we'll send you an email reminder. All you have to do is ensure your renewal is paid prior to the due date so that your nominated charity continues to benefit from your support.

  • Do I have to register online or can I register manually?

    No – you don't have to register online if you don't want to; if you'd prefer to register manually please contact us (either by email or phone) and we'll take you through the manual steps.

  • How is my advertising payment split between my organisations?

    Depending on how many community organisations you wish to support,  your nominated community organisation(s) will benefit from you in the following ways: if you nominate one charity that charity will receive 100% of your fee entitlement; if you have nominated two charities, each charity will each receive 50% of your fee entitlement; if you have nominated three charities, each charity will each receive 33.3% of your fee entitlement.

  • How do I nominate more than one organisation?

    The first step in your registration process is to choose your listing type (this is after you've clicked "register" on the top right hand side of the home page). If you wish to nominate more than one organisation please select either a silver or gold membership option (ie, two benefitting community organisations or three). If you wish to nominate more than three community organisations please contact us so that we can discuss this further – either by email or telephone.

  • If I advertise on Halo™Biz, will the organisation know who has supported them?

    Yes! And so will anyone who comes across your listing on this website.

  • What if I want to support an organisation but do it anonomysly or privately - is this possible?

    Yes - absolutely!  We appreciate that some businesses may not want to publicly declare which community organisation(s) they support (for a vast number of reasons).  In this case, please let us know and we'll arrange for your "connection" to be a private one - not even the benefitting community organisation will know unless you tell us otherwise.

  • What if my preferred community organisation is not registered?

    You can either invite them to register or we can do that for you.

  • How do I know the charity I've nominated will receive payment from Halo™Biz?

    Once your membership application has been fully processed you'll receive notification that you're full financial member of the Halo™Biz Network. This notification will detail which charity (community organisation) you have nominated so it's important to check all these details are correct. Benefitting community organisations can expect to receive funds direct into their account within the first 10 days of each calendar month. At the same time, they will receive email notification of this amount, together with a breakdown of how that amount is comprised. This breakdown includes each Advertising Business's portion. If you wish you can make contact with the relevant person at your nominated community organisation to ensure they've received these funds. If you do this, we suggest you do so around the middle of the month to ensure all documentation has been received and processed at their end.

  • How can I upgrade my halo rating once I've signed up – eg, increase from a silver to a gold?

    That's easy – please make contact with us (either by phone or email) and we'll tell you what to do and what we need to know in order for this to happen.

  • Can I pay for my listing by instalments?

    Yes, you can. Please either email us or phone us and we'll send you the automatic bank payment form for your completion.

We give back at least 70% of all advertising revenue to the community – your community.

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