Features for businesses registered with HaloBiz™ 

Watch this short video to see the features available to all members of the HaloBiz Network:



All Advertising Businesses receive the following features through their membership of the HaloBiz™ Network:

  • a full listing with all contact details including a map (if applicable) - this is pretty standard stuff; but we've taken it one step further - we've allowed you (the business owner) to identify how you prefer to be contacted (by email, phone, cell).  This makes it easier for you and much easier for prospective clients;
  • a description of services provided - you can use this space how you like:  you can list your specialties, any guarantees or promises you make - it's entirely up to you - make the most of this space.
  • a webpage on this site - not all businesses have a website so we've made it easy for all our Members to have a credible and meaningful web presence .  You'll be able to advertise your web page address here if you wish - if you're not sure how to access this address, sing out and we'll show you where to find it.
  • a link to your own website - if you've got a website, viewers can easily find it and link back to it from your listing on this site.  The link is in big, easy-to-read-and-find letters on your contact page so it stands out.  
  • a list of community organisation(s) you support plus other interests and professional associations - these are a few of the things that help make listing on the HaloBiz™ Network directory something over and above other directories.  Only at HaloBiz™ have we made it super-easy for the public to find you through your community involvement.  In addition, we've also included the option for you to add any personal interests and professional associations you're into.  You just never know who's looking for someone who's into what you're into.  We urge you to make the most of these options.
  • ability for customers to provide feedback - people who're shopping around for their next service provider are into reading other peoples' opinions.  We all do it:  we like to know the person we're thinking about taking on has a good reputation.   However, we know it's not always easy to ask for a referral or a recommendation.  Here at HaloBiz™ we've got  "systems" in place to help you - and your customers will love it too!
  • the benefit of cross promotional and halo polishing activities undertaken by HaloBiz™ on behalf of all participating businesses - these are "secret recipe" things... but let's just say they include the latest technology, incorporate the best of social marketing and use tried-and-tested traditional marketing practices that get results - all designed to make you look great
  • a very smart-looking profile page - forget boring plain text stuff you see on other directory sites - with HaloBizthe information you present on your profile page gets the once-over makeover deal in our office before we make it "live".  This means your page gets to look real pretty!
  • radio interview shoutouts + podcast - for as long as we have our hour-long interview-style "HaloBiz Buzz" radio programme, as a Business Network Member you'll receive an invitation to participate in the show - all part-and-parcel of being a HaloBiz Member - at no extra charge!    Imagine how you can maximise this in your marketing mix...?

Plus you've got us on your side - remember - we're all about polishing halos:  you look good then we look good - but you have to look good first!

We give back at least 70% of all advertising revenue to the community – your community.

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