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...to see how HaloBiz®- the online business directory with heart - gives 70% of its advertising fees to community organisations...

HaloBiz® is the online business directory (with heart) that connects local people with local businesses with local community organisations.

Only at HaloBiz® can you search for your local plumber according to the community organisation they support. Alternatively, you can find your next electrician because you like the fact they support your child's school.

In addition to the traditional "what" + "where" ways you're used to in a business directory, exclusively at HaloBiz® can you now find a business by searching for them under the community ORGANISATIONS tab at the top of this website.

This video (which can also be found at HaloBiz's YouTube channel) explains how the HaloBiz® principle works 

HaloBiz | business directory where customers can find businesses through their community involvement

Only at HaloBiz® do you have three ways of finding a local business:

  1. Traditionally - using "what" + "where"
  2. Traditionally - using the business's name in the "what" field
  3. Exclusively using the HaloBiz method of finding out who supports your favourite community organisation.

Businesses can choose to support one, two or three communitiy organisations (if you'd like to support more then please make contact with Julie by clicking this email link).  

But don't just take our word for it - have a look at this video to hear what Andrea & Kevin Cattley of Leamington Cycles and Mowers in Cambridge think about being a member of the HaloBiz® Network:

All businesses that register as full members of the HaloBiz® Network get access to all the features, plus exclusive access to all the other dynamic, interactive and leading-edge marketing initiatives HaloBiz® offers its members.

In addition to being the world's only online business directory that connects businesses and community organisations, HaloBiz® is also a team of switched on social media marketing fanatics.   Social media marketing is where future-thinking business owners are heading and if you know you need to enter that realm but haven't a clue how to start then again, send Julie an email or give her a call - click here for HaloBiz's contact details.  [Oh!  And if you're wondering just who Julie is - you can check her out here]

HaloBiz® believes in leading by example and is therefore proactive in generating word-of-mouth advertising in the social media world-of-mouse reality through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The team at HaloBiz® hopes you enjoy using this new, dynamic and community-minded business directory.  You can check the team out by seeing who's who from each of their "when we're not at work" videos.

We give back at least 70% of all advertising revenue to the community – your community.

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