Social Media Consultant Due Diligence Checklist Handbook

Here at HaloBiz we're mad-keen fanatical about polishing business halos using social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and blogs to polish halos.  We're right into social media (in a big way); we also know there're lots of people who call themselves "experts" (or ninjas or gurus) but aren't.  We know this because we're often called in to help put out all sorts of social media fires and disasters.  

So we wrote the Social Media Consultant Due Diligence Checklist Handbook to help you when it comes to ensuring someone walks the social media talk before you give them your money!  


We've also put together two videos for you - one on Twitter and the other on Facebook - these also help you check out the 'frauds' from those who know what they're talking about:

How to tell a Twitter Expert from a Twitter Fraud

How to tell a Facebook Expert from a Facebook Fraud


Watch this video to learn more about the HaloBiz Networking Principle

Watch this short video where Julie South - General Manager and Chief Halo Polisher at HaloBiz® explains how the HaloBiz® Principle works:

The diagram below shows how the HaloBiz® Principle works - it's all about keeping business local because HaloBiz® gives 70% of each business's membership fee to a local community organisation of its choice... which means money is reinvested back into your local communitiy - how good is that...?


Imagine being able to find a business that supports your child's school… or one that’s right behind your local sports club… or your favourite charity... Because now (like never before) you can look up your favourite community organisation and find out which businesses support them – how cool is that?

HaloBiz® is the only directory that gives at least 70% of its advertising income to nominated local community organisations (schools, charities, sports groups, churches, etc).  
You no longer have to take pot-luck when finding your next builder, plumber or lawyer.  Instead, you can find someone who’s got similar interests as you – whether it’s your child's school, going to the same gym or squash club, or maybe even going to the same church.

It doesn’t matter – you can now base your next decision on what fits with you:  your interests, community affiliations and/or faith.  In other words, you can make your decisions based on your heart.
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