the lost art of connecting at a human level

Human beings are social creatures.  In this warp speed world we live in I believe we’re fast losing the ability to connect and communicate with each other in a real way.  The purpose of this blog therefore is to help stimulate positive, optimistic and meaningful conversation. 

I have a dream (does Martin Luther King have those words protected by copyright I wonder?) that Halo™Biz will bring about the (re)connection of people, businesses and communities like nothing else!

I grew up in a time when my mum knew our neighbours’ names.  We had a lot of neighbours – we were #119 so it was a long street - but she knew them, including the ones in other streets. 

There are only seven homes in the street where I live  now – you wouldn’t think it’d be that difficult to know who my neighbours were would you?  I’m into my fourth year here and only in the last month have I got to chat with the couple across the road.  How sad is that!?

I do, however, know the names of the neighbours on one side of us; the other side I know by sight but given our grass grows through their fence I’m not sure they’re really into meeting me any more than they have to – especially as we’ve been specifically asked to do something about it…! The grass growing through their fence…

But grass notwithstanding, how many of us can put our hands on our hearts and say we regularly stop to chat over the garden fence in a meaningful, connected-human-being-kind-of-way? 

It’s a lost skill!   Let’s quit the chatting (gossiping?) at the water coolers in offices; instead let’s chat across the garden fence. 

Your thoughts?


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