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HaloBiz publishes its own online digital newspaper called the HaloBiz Buzz - you can read each day's edition here:

As well as creating our own newspaper, every now and again HaloBiz makes headlines and news in other places:

3 May 2013 - InfoNews - Julie South appointed Facilitator at new Venus Network's Hamilton East Group

22 April 2013 - Waikato Times - The Anti Spam Act + 101 Intro to the Anti Spam Act reference made in this article.

February 2013 - HaloBiz's Julie South appointed Facilitator of Hamilton North's Venus Group


June 2012 - Info News - Businesses miss crucial link in rush to use social media platforms

HaloBiz and 10X Business Coaching join forces to create "One Byte at a Time" workshop for Waikato businesses.  Julie South guarantees a business owner participating in this workshop will end up with a website that's worth more at the end than it was at the beginning. 

March 2012 - Waikato Times - Firm staggered charities are spurning handouts 

article by business reporter, Ali Tocker.

August 2011 - Info News - Hamilton Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary wins prize 

when HaloBiz launched it ran two online competitions - here's the one relating to HaloBiz Community Organisation member - the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Hamilton, NZ.

August 2011 - Info News - Plunket Waikato voted “Favourite Waikato Charity” 

when HaloBiz launched it ran two online competitions: one of those competitions was to find the Waikato's Favourite Charity (as voted by the public).  Here's the article relating HaloBiz Community Organisation Member, Plunket Waikato.

August 2011 - Info News - Would you describe HaloBiz as “Socially Innovative” or its GM a “Social Entrepreneur”? 

HaloBiz's General Manager, Julie South, responds to the questions put to her around "social innovatioan" and "social entrepreneurialism".

July 2011 - Waikato Times - Doing deals the HaloBiz way 

Business reporter, Maryanne Twentyman, puts a whole bunch of questions to HaloBiz's General Manager Julie South just prior to HaloBiz's Waikato launch; and then publishes them on the front page of the Small Business Section of the Saturday edition of the Waikato Times.

July 2011 - TV Central - General Manager, Julie South, is interviewed by Janene Forlong on Destination Central 

Roving Reporter Janene Forlong heard about the new win/win "Give Back" principle being put into practice by new online business directory HaloBiz - here she interviews General Manager Julie South for the Destination Central TV programme.

July 2011 - Info News - World wide first launches in Waikato 

HaloBiz is a world wide first when it comes to "local" and "community organisations" and "online business directories"

July 2011 - TV Central - HaloBiz's General Manager, Julie South, is interviewed by Janene Forlong on Destination Central TV about QR Codes (Quick Response Codes).

If you've heard of QR Codes but always wondered what they were and/or how to use them, then catch this short YouTube video where Janene Forlong asks HaloBiz General Manager Julie South to explain how they work. 

July 2011 - Info News - HaloBiz described as “hottest online business directory” 

here's the article wehre HaloBiz is described as being the "hottest online business directory" by Plunket Waikato - a HaloBiz Community Organisation member.

June 2011 - TV Central - General Manager, Julie South, is interviewed by Katrina McKinley on TV Central News 

TV Central heard about the newest and world-first online business directory being launched in Hamilton, NZ.   Here's the news clip.

April 2011 - Info News - New fundraising company seeks community organisations and charities to give money to 

pre-launch article where HaloBiz wants to hear from Waikato-based charities and community organisations that are fundraising and would like to increase their bank balances the HaloBiz online business directory way.

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