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Halo™Biz is the only advertising medium that provides the means for advertisers to specifically promote to already-identified common-interest networks.   This type of magnetic promotion into existing, niche networks allows business owners to build faster (essential) rapport with potential customers because they're automatically and naturally drawn to your business. 

From an advertising perspective, it's never been this easy or possible to target or identify specific common interest networks like this before.  When choosing your level of HaloBiz Network Membership it's a good idea to take into consideration not only how many Community Organisations you wish to actively support, but also the number of 'interests' that exist within your entire organisation, including staff and other (very important)  stakeholders.

The bigger your Network Exposure Factor Index (interests + community organisations = Network Exposure Factor Index)  the more beneficial your Membership of the HaloBiz Network will be for your business. 

If you would like to support more than three community organisations please make contact with us directly at [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you.


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