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Here're a couple of videos introducing Julie South & Alan Breen of HaloBiz

This is Alan Breen - master of all things "techy" at HaloBiz


Meet Alan Breen: here's a glimpse of him when he's not at his "day job" he's the Master of all things Complicated and Techy at HaloBiz...

His other passion (apart from Julie South LOL) is aviation and flying.  

Alan Breen's the Managing Director at HaloBiz.  When he's not working his Day Job, or in the air, he's on the road - he's a recreational cyclist ... long distance ... endurance stuff: he's a regular in the Taranaki Cycle Challenge (160km) and Great Lake Cycle Challenge (160km)... This means you can regularly find him cycling the main and country roads around Hamilton, New Zealand, where he lives with Julie South.

And (of course!) he's Julie South's hero - the man she goes to when her techy things develop "attitude" and need "re-educating". 

This is Julie South - Go-To woman at HaloBiz

Meet Julie South - General Manager, Chief Halo Polisher, Mail Lady and Go-To Woman at HaloBiz...

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Julie lives in Hamilton, New Zealand and is the proud wife of Alan Breen, she's a sort-of cyclist and a sort-of runner... Julie South reckons she's usually Tail End Charlie in any fun run or cycle challenge and has gotten real good at crossing finish lines that have been packed up because she's soooo s-l-o-w !!

But you can't cross the Finish Line unless you're on the Start Line to begin with, eh?

Julie knows from personal experience that her (and Alan Breen's!! LOL) lives work best when she makes the time to Get Out There and Do It.. 

And when it comes to Social Media, she (and Alan) are living proof it's not just for the "youngies".  Julie's always advocated the need for businesses to get "social" with their customers and is *real* pleased that social media has finally caught up (lol)... If you're wanting to "connect" with your customers and lead from the front using various social media platforms, then she's the woman you need to talk to.

Social Marketing and Cause Marketing are two of Julie's biggest professional passions; it's been said she can talk the handle off a door on either of these two subjects!

Julie's worked for big companies and little companies.  

Her past includes contracts for one of New Zealand's most awarded and acclaimed direct marketing agencies - here she shared as much of her knowledge and skill as she could and conversely also learnt heaps herself from her fellow coworkers.  This, of course, means that every single HaloBiz member automatically benefits from her years of experience!

Not that Julie's compettive or anything (not!), but she's proud to be able to report she's been the #1 salesperson for every company where she was employed in a sales role.

She's also a great espouser of "shop local" - believing it's best for everyone: consumers, communities, businesses and the community organisations that make up the threads of each community.  Although the internet is making the world smaller, it's also making it easier to shop local as well and that's why Julie South's so proud to be a part of HaloBiz.


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