Volunteer Work

One of the things Julie South does as part of her rest and recreation is volunteer as an announcer on the long-standing Your Catholic Corner radio show.   Although the show's been on air since 1999 (generously sponsored by the parishioners of Saint Matthews in Hillcrest, Hamilton) Julie has only been on the team since January 2012.  

Your Catholic Corner airs at 8:30 Sunday mornings on 89.0 FreeFM in the Waikato.  You can listen to the most recent podcasts of the show here:



In February 2013 Julie had the very rare and privileged opportunity to interview Anglican Archbishop David Moxon just prior to his departure to take up his secondment in Rome.  The interview was arranged at extremely short notice; this recording was done 'on location' in Bishop David's office.  Not wanting any possiblity of an equipment failure Julie South sweet-talked Alan Breen into being her sound technician and together they went loaded with recording apparatus of all kinds:  cell phones, professional sound mixers and microphone plus video camera.


[Julie quietly believes this interview is an example of God-in-action: the chances of Bishop David being in Hamilton and having time available on less than 24 hours notice, are extremely rare - thank you Bishop David!]

Julie believes the video recording of the interview is too special to be used for audio-only.  She sought Bishop David's permission to produce the file into a fully-fledged video.  Given the original file was almost 5GB and would take forever to upload to YouTube without ultrafast broadband, she broke the file down into a series of six videos.  Each video records one or two questions of the total interview and is 'stand alone'.


The show was prerecorded on 14 February 2013 for going to air on 3 March 2013.  You can listen to Bishop David's podcast (above) or watch the entire series here:  once you hit "play" each video will roll into the next automatically.

Alternatively, you can view each individual video at HaloBiz's YouTube channel: the site is dedicated to educating business owners in things 'digital marketing & social media', polishing the halos of HaloBiz Network Members and as a means to get to know Julie South & Alan Breen - the couple behind HaloBiz.



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